A note from the owners, Mary Spence-Thomas and her niece Kim Machado, both of whom currently reside in Canada:

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Some things are just meant to be. In the beginning of 2013 neither of us had any thoughts or ideas about buying a house in the South of France. It was simply nowhere on the radar, but when we saw and felt it, there was no question in either of our minds. The previous owner, a writer from the UK, cherished this place as her writing retreat but sadly she passed away in 2012. Her wonderful creative presence fills the house and that might have been one of the attractions for us. Over the next few years we both hope to get over there as frequently as our situations will allow us to but in the meantime, we are opening it for others to enjoy, and to help enable us to keep it.

This is a very special place, filled with much more than a normal vacation rental. It has heart and historyand warmth.  We hope, if you decide to come, that you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Mary & Kim